Small and Medium sized enterprises

High finance structures

The professionals at Avis Business Services have detailed  knowledge of high finance structures mainly set up and used to the benefit of multinationals. These high finance solutions can  be translated to the SME sector and come into play when doing business abroad.

When doing business abroad many issues arise that require attention to enable a successful venture abroad. Typically you will face questions regarding accounting rules, audit requirements and legal and tax rules.

Low costs

It is essential to keep your operational costs as low as possible, have up to date insight in all aspects of your foreign investments and reliable partners abroad.

Avis Business Services is keen on providing solutions that match those requirements. We either deliver these solutions in house, match your requirements with proven specialists, set up your own in house shared service centre or outsource some if not all of your business requirements.

If you are interested in our solutions and would like to know whether they would match your requirements, please contact us

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