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Management information carved in stone with a solid foundation of smart processes

The real estate sector faces difficult times. The impact of the recent credit crisis still influence the profitability of the industry and is for some companiesĀ  a threat for their continuity. For that reason the decision makers within the real estate sector need more efficient processes and better and more sophisticated management information. The industry is asking forĀ  support in order to manage rapid growth but also to be able to reduce the number of staff or to offer professional services during specific seasons. Reduction of overhead costs, compliance with legal and accounting rules and specific knowledge of the service providers is key.

Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index

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After years of steady increases in U.S. commercial property values, prices have plunged sharply during the recession. The Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index, a widely used measure of average commercial property prices, fell by nearly 44 percent between its October 2007 peak and October 2009.


Flexibility and cost reduction

Processes like accounts payable, account receivable, service charge reconciliation, rent indexation, preparation of completion statements and tax returns need to be in place according to the latest standards. On the basis of this information the management accounts need to support the management of the company in their decision making.

Based on the long term experience of the Avis Business Services team we are able to offer companies in this sector smart and flexible solutions. Always tailor made for a specific case.

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