Multinational companies

Supporting MNC’s with accounting

For different reasons multinational companies (MNC's) have spread out their wings over the globe. A need for accurate, timely and well presented information and a reliable support for foreign back offices is often required.

But how to stay compliant with local rules at reasonable cost?

Servicing MNC's

The staff of Avis Business Services have their roots in servicing MNC's. For that reason we know the needs and the criteria's of their business. Our mission is helping to meet their goals with our solutions. In the field of management accounting we are able to support as external controllers as an extension of the MNC. Our unique concept of Business Process Outsourcing in combination with our professional knowledge enables the client to benefit from our experience at very competitive prices.

To be compliant we offer corporate secretarial services embedded in smart IT solutions. This will enable the MNC to have a complete overview of the local requirements and how these requirements have been dealt with.

We make sure our clients are in control!


If you are interested in finding out whether we can help you lower your operational costs, and or if you are not sure whether all your Corporate documents are up to date and filed accordingly, please contact us.

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