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Tailor made solutions

The financial world continues to face a very difficult time during the biggest crisis since The Great Depression. Banks have been at the centre of the turmoil, but other financial institutions like pension funds have been hit just as hard. In the wake of the greatest banking crisis ever, financial Institutions need a contingency plan in case entire departments cease to operate from one day to the next. At the same time, Financial Service Companies have seen their margins sliced and need to focus on bottom line cost reductions. They also require innovative cost reduction solutions to offer to their clients in order to keep up with the competition.

Avis Business Services can provide for tailor made solutions for Financial Institutions as well as Financial Service Companies.

European pension fund

In the Dutch pension sector Avis Business Services is currently exploring opportunities to set up a European pension fund "Premiepensioeninstelling" (PPI). Such a fund will enable MNC's to arrange pensions for their employees on a Pan European basis. Avis Business Services expects to incorporate a European pension fund as soon as the related pension Bill has passed Dutch parliament. A "Premiepensioeninstelling" served by Avis Financial BV will also enable MNC's to execute their pensions on a cost efficient and transparent basis.

If you are interested to find out what type of solutions we can offer to your company (that you can also use as your own for your clients), please contact us

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