Alternative Energy companies

The future is green, the future is now.

Avis Business Services strongly believes that the Alternative Energy market of today is the Energy market of tomorrow. What seems like science fiction or highly unfeasible to some just might become reality to many.

Matching demand for capital for alternative energy projects with supply of capital partners for these projects is one of the objectives of Avis Business Services. Out of a successful match a new demand for business solutions is often born. That's where we can provide cost efficient solutions as well.

Energy funds

Setting up new energy funds is one of the services which Avis Business Services provides to investors and producers of green energy. We provide advice on the fund structure, the domiciliation of the fund, we maintain accounting records on an independent basis, we prepare financial statements and we coordinate the audit process. Furthermore, Avis Business Services offers corporate services: company secretarial and registered office services (maintaining all minute books and the statutory records) filing annual returns and other local regulatory filings, payment of local annual fees to regulators, attending Board meetings as company secretary and taking minutes.

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Do you have a project that is in need of alternative energy investors or are you a corporate finance boutique with funding capabilities for alternative energy projects and do you want to be added to our short list of potential suppliers of capital? Please contact us by e-mail

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